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The light hearted rhyme “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite” is not helping in diminishing the creepiness of bedbugs. These reddish brown ,flat insects hide during the day and come out during night to feast on our blood are spreading very rapidly. Though the bedbugs are not known to spread diseases ,their bites themselves are a problem.

The signs of presence of bedbugs are their bites on the skin which are red in color and are normally in the form of clusters of 2 or 3. The person being bitten doest not feel the bites as bed bugs inject an anesthetic material in the skin before feeding on the blood. Black color spots on seems of mattresses, boxes and frames and blood spots on bed sheets, pillows and mattresses are an indication of their presence. The best time to look for the bedbugs is a couple of hours before sunrise.

There is a very common question; How did I get bedbugs in my home? To get answer for this question, review your activities for past few weeks. They can come with our luggage and clothes if we stayed at a place which had bedbug’s infestation, they can come with used furniture and clothes, they can come with a visitor or they can come even with new furniture if the delivery truck was used to carry old infested furniture. In multiple unit buildings they can crawl under the walls from one unit to other.

As for as their control is concerned we will advise never to use any aerosol. When bedbug problem starts it is normally focused around mattresses, boxes and frames but using aerosols might disperse them and they might escape and hide in different areas of the house which will make the problem more complex.

At E-Safe Pest Control we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach after thoroughly reviewing the history, nature and extent of your bedbug’s problem and use the techniques which are most suited to your situation. Our highly experienced team of certified and licensed pest control professionals will get rid of your bedbug’s problem GUARANTEED!

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