Cockroaches Control
There are about 3500 species of cockroaches but German cockroach is the major problem in homes buildings and commercial facilities. Cockroaches may come to our homes or businesses with grocery items and bags, containers, furniture and other supplies which have an infestation of cockroaches. They then quickly infest our place as they have a very high multiplication rate.

Cockroaches are more active during dark and prefer warm and humid areas and will hide where their bottom and top touch the surface. If we have a cockroach infestation we will normally find them under kitchen sinks, counter tops, behind refrigerator, in kitchen cabinets, washrooms and inside appliances. If problem gets worst cockroaches may be found even in the bedrooms.

At E-Safe Pest Control we have a guaranteed solution for your cockroach infestation whether it is in the beginning or a years old problem made complicated by injudicious spraying. We use highly effective and safe techniques including cockroach gel and dry flow able baits which have a “domino effect” and tests have proved that when one cockroach dies with bait it causes 40 others to die.

The success of any cockroach control program depends on skills and analytical approach of the technicians and not only the bait and sprays and we have a highly dedicated and experienced team of licensed professionals who will solve your cockroach problem GUARANTEED!
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