Flies Control
Out of a large number of fly species, following may infest your home.

House Flies

These are the common type of flies which invade homes, schools, businesses and other facilities during spring and summer months. They are attracted to decaying organic material such as garbage bins, left over food, dead animal or plant material. When we have them in our homes, we may also see their maggots and pupae in different areas. House flies can also carry and transmit disease causing organisms like bacteria, virus and protozoa and can spread diarrhea, food poisoning, cholera, intestinal worms, dysentery and typhoid fever.

Fruit Flies

These are tiny flies with red eyes and are attracted to fruits, vegetables and other fermenting materials like clogged drains, decaying organic matter and sour rags or mops.

Cluster Flies

These are sluggish flies which enter the buildings through cracks or openings in the structures to over winter and end up in wall voids, attics and window and door frames. They emerge in early spring and warm weather and cluster around windows.

Drain Flies

These are small flies which breed in drains and then start flying in different parts of the house.

At E-Safe Pest Control we offer a range of flies control program including chemical methods like spraying and fogging and non-chemical methods like baiting, drain treatment, traps and fly lights along with habitat modification.

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